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Investor Class

  • Not required to start a business in Canada.
  • Net worth of $800,000 CD obtained legally.
  • 2 years of business experience or executive experience (ownership of business not necessary).
  • Deposit $400,000 CD for 5 years at no interest OR
  • Take a loan of $400,000 CD and pay interest of $120,000 CD only after approval of application .
  • No language or education requirement.
  • Extensive application and presentation documentation.

Entrepreneur Class

  • Net assets ( Not cash) of $300,000 CD obtainedlegally
  • Loan cannot be taken to show Net worth, but is available to start a business in Canada
  • 2 -3 years of business management experience in own business.
  • Has a viable business plan to start new/runexisting business, employ two persons, manage business within 3 years of arrival in Canada
  • No language or education requirement
  • Every province in Canada, except province of Ontario, has its own business immigration program which needs less capital.

Self Employed

  • Assets of $300,000 CD or greater.
  • 2 years of farm management experience.
  • Ready and willing to purchase a farm in Canada and manage and operate it.
  • Should support family through farming activity.
  • Participated at the world class level in cultureor athletic activity.
  • Under the Quebec Self Employed class any occupation in which person can be self-employed and employ himself in Quebec can qualify for immigration to Canada provided he has also net assets of $100,000 CD.

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